Storyteller Helen Appleton

Discover Magic in the Ordinary with Helen Appleton.

Discover the magic in the seemingly ordinary with Helen Appleton.

Over the course of weekend, professional storyteller Helen Appleton, will be bringing her combination of outdoor creativity and captivating tales to the children (and grown-ups!) of the Big Shakeout. On the Saturday night, Helen will also be entertaining the children with a Bedtime Story and, a little later on, some spooky Ghost Stories for the older children.

The sessions are created to be engaging, interactive and fun. Helen, alongside the children, will make use of the surrounding nature and utilise it within the story.

Helen only started performing in 2006, but has always loved stories- whether they are traditional, made up or simply about how your Grandmother got her first job. She loves how they instigate the emotive and constantly shift from time to time and teller to teller. Stories often hold universal truths and have that magical quality of bringing people together. Due to this, Helen can be found in schools, at gatherings or simply wandering amongst the woods and hedgerows, armed with little more than a wooden spoon and her talkative nature- stirring up her story stew-pot with myths, legends, traditional tales and folklore.

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19 09 2013

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