An Adventure Shared

What comes of an adventure? A darn good story, that's for sure! Join us in the Alpkit Tee Pee at the Big Shakeout to recount your swashbuckling tales.

Why do we go on adventures? Well, that's the million dollar question isn't it? There are always so many answers, but can we ever really put our finger on one?

Yesterday, I sat down with a cup of tea to watch Debauchery. No, it's not what it sounds like! "Debauchery" is arguably one of the top ten E1 climbs in the country, it's also the name of a 30 minute climbing documentary film in which three climbers make an ascent of the infamous route up on High Tor (one of which just happens to be Alpkit's own Deg Bolger). The film was aired on primetime television in the late eighties.

As I watched Terry Bolger struggle his way up the second pitch, asking himself why he'd gone and got himself into such a position in the first place, I wondered what the 7pm viewers, sat at home on their settees, would have thought about the whole affair. Could this really enjoyable?

At the same time, this is a position we have all found ourselves in on more than one occasion. It's one of those side-effects of taking on a challenge, pushing yourself, and going on adventures; there's always that moment when you're halfway up a rock face or mountain, dropping into a particularly technical section of trail, or cramping up in the middle of an icy lake, when you ask yourself 'why did I decide to do this?', 'what was I thinking?', and 'is it really worth it?' (when we talk about it afterwards, it usually was).

Storytellers come in all shapes and sizes: sharing adventures in the Alpkit Tee Pee

Watching the film, it struck me that one of the best things to come from a challenge, adventure, or even a failure, is a story. No adventure is complete without a debrief; whether it be at the pub at the end of the day, in a blog post, or (if it's a really big adventure) a talk or conference. Recounting our stories lets us carry on sharing our adventures, and forces us to reflect on our them and to see them in a new light, whether it's the bits that went so well that you couldn't believe it, the mishaps, the parts that felt like they were doomed to fail...

We don't quite have a conference hall or pub, but we do have a Tee Pee - which is pretty much the same. Join us at the Tee Pee Story Telling Workshop at the Big Shakeout Festival  on the 22nd - 24th September to regale your tales, perform your lyrics, or simply sit and listen to stories unfolding.

29 06 2017

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