Shakeout 2016 speaker line up

2016 Big Shakeout will host another packed schedule of speakers through the Saturday evening with a selection of supported Alpkiteers and award winning adventures who walk, run, bike, kayak, climb and mountaineer! We're delighted and excited to have such a wide range of speakers come join us and give up their time so generously in aid of the Alpkit Foundation, as well as their pure love of sharing experiences and inspiration of course!

There will be two venues hosting talks again this year including the quick fire 20 min sessions in the Daring Deeds Yurt, longer format talks and Joe Beaumont returns to chair a relaxed chat with some more adventurous souls in his Beaumonts Knights of Adventure. Be sure to check out the programme when you arrive.

Here's the range of speakers set to grace the Big Shakeout this year

Team Pips

Tom is 11, or is he 12 now, they grow up so quick... and he just loves cycling. Poor old dad Rich gets dragged along, but luckily he loves cycling too so it's a win win team! Tom is a regular 24hr racer, puts in plenty of miles on the bike and still manages to go to school. 

Chris Easterbrook
Chris is a highly experienced kayaking coach, having been teaching since 2004, continuing to provide personal skills courses, BCU awards, coaching trips and adventure paddling across the UK, Europe and further. He maintains his passion for kayaking by making sure he gets out on his own expeditions having developed a really strong sense of adventure and enjoy heading in the relative unknown.  

Mel Nicholls
We're delighted to have Mel along this year, not least because she'll be fresh back from the Rio paralympics. Let's hope we can celebrate success on her return. A third stroke back in 2008 set Mel off on a new path that led her to take on as many disability sports as she could, for both physical and mental therapy. She finally took up wheelchair racing and 15 months on from her first race was representing Great Britain at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. An adventurer at heart she's really had to rein it in these last couple of years with training for Rio but has great plans to throw herself back into adventures on her return!

Sarah Outen 

Sarah completed her London2London: Via the World expedition in November 2015, which saw her attempt to kayak, cycle and row 25,000 miles around the Northern Hemisphere. This included a row across the Indian ocean as well as the Atlantic, sea kayaking the Aleutian Islands and of course all the cycling in between. 

Mike Howarth
Questioning the direction life was taking him Mike quit his job, hit pause on his career and decided it was time to see some more of this big wide world as ideas and dreams began to outgrow the standard two week holiday from work. His trips generally focus on human power by bike or on foot, played out slowly enough to see the contours of the landscape unfold around him.

Nicky Spinks

Fell runner and beef farmer, Nicky has an ability to just keep going. Having held the records for the toughest UK fell running challenges, Nicky topped them all this year by completing a double Bob Graham Round in under 48 hours, a total ascent of 54,000 feet and a distance of 132 miles. She recently completed the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

Viv Rickman Poole

Viv is an artist with an absolutue obsession with cold water swimming, exploring forgotten places and travelling as much as possible! 

Mark Kalch is an expedition paddler, explorer, adventurer, whatever term you want to lay on him. He's currently working towards completing his 7 rivers, 7 continents project, attempting to navigate the longest rivers on each continent from source to sea. Mississippi. Amazon, Volga down Mark contracted Viels disease whilst attempting the   

Elise Downing. 
She likes running, so much so that she wanted to head off for a while and, well run. What's more, she likes the sea, so put them together and what do you get? Elise has just completed her run around the coast of the UK... 5000 miles and lots of cake. 

06 09 2016

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