Sat Nav Sam

Sam has been around the world, and now he's back.

3 years ago Sat Nav Sam rode through the Peaks from his home in Cheshire with his guitar strapped to a rack and took to the stage of the very first Big Shakeout. That gig was the first and the start of his epic tour tour of the world that would see him travel 21,000km by bike, gigging his way round. Giving up a well paid job Sam put his life on the line in search of in search of inspiration for new material.

In 2013 SatNavSam returns to the UK to make his debut return performance at the Big Shakeout and closes the book on largest chapter of his life so far. On his journey Sam has completed the transition from a singer in Punk band 'the Short-Cuts' to a successful solo performer, with his own honed an original sound. His soulful voice resonates over simple, melodic guitar work and his heartfelt lyrics convey all the passion of a man who has been put through the wars and come out stronger on the other side.

A brilliant live performer, the stage is where Sat Nav Sam feels most at home and we can’t wait to see how the miles have changed and developed this talented singer songwriter. Be sure to get yourself to see and have yourself a dance.

You can sample some of Sams music on his Facebook page.

01 08 2013

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