Pole Lathery

Learn the basic techniques needed to operate a traditional pole lathe.

Pete Wood of Greenwood Days will be bringing along his Pole Lathe set up for you to try on Saturday. The pole lathe is the rustic forebearer of the modern CNC machine and can be used to skillfully turn wooden bowls and handles as well as parts for stairs, stools and tables. In this free beginners session Pete will get you up and running on the lathe and guide you through some of the basic techniques whilst you make a small momento to take away with you. He’ll help you master the coordination needed between your leg as it powers the lathe, and your upper body as it controls the chisel that shapes the wood.

Pete runs courses throughout the year from his base set in a beautiful 100 acre wood and is part of the growing National Forest. His company Greenwood Days promotes woodland and greenwood crafts through traditional and contemporary activities. Pete will be around all day Saturday and will run on a first come first served basis.

If you like to see what a pole lathe is check out this video by Stephen Mackay.

01 08 2013

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