Parkour blimey!

Action in Motion are running free parkour sessions at the Big Shakeout 2017, and we can't think of any reasons not to give it a try!

You may have heard that, here at Alpkit, we're all about going nice places and doing good things.

Whether climbing, running, swimming, biking, kayaking… we like to take on challenges, overcome obstacles, and go on adventures. So when it was announced that Action in Motion (AIM) would be coming down to the Big Shakeout Festival to run free parkour sessions, we all got a little excited. We've been parkouring around the office ever since, although judging from our efforts so far, we all need a little more guidance to avoid doing ourselves an injury (which is where AIM comes in).

In fact, thus far we haven't been able to think of any reasons not to try parkour with the AIM team - we could only think of reasons for having a go...

Action in Motion... in action! | Photo: Action in Motion

Reason #1: it's good for you

Parkour involves jumping, climbing, sprinting, running… the list of natural movements involved is endless. This makes it great for anyone who can't stop moving, as well as those who want to get more active.

Reason #2: the world is your playground

Parkour can be done anywhere. Really, anywhere! There's no need for specialist equipment, nor techy clothes, fancy shoes or gadgets. You just walk out of your house, your friend's house, or even the supermarket, and you're ready to go.

Reason #3: confidence

Parkour involves overcoming physical obstacles and tackling challenges. According to traceurs (parkour practitioners) this 'I-can-do-anything-I-put-my-mind-to' mentality permeates into the rest of your life, giving you a more positive outlook and boosting your confidence. Limitations? Don't you mean possibilities?

Parkour encourages kids to get creative and active | Photo: Action in Motion

Reason #4: creativity

Sometimes the way past an obstacle isn't quite clear, you have to get creative and work with others to find a solution.

Reason #5: it's proper fun

As we mentioned before, the world is your playground. That makes the world pretty darn fun.

Reason #6: why not?

Action in Motion will be at the Big Shakeout 2017 all weekend, running free parkour sessions for all ages and abilities. What have you got to lose?

Visit the activities page for more information about what you can get up to at the Big Shakeout 2017, and keep an eye on the news for inside info, announcements, and general enthusiasm.

02 08 2017

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