Oar-some Adventures

Get to grips with white water or go on an open canoe journey down the Derwent at the Big Shakeout Festival (we apologise in advance for any terrible puns in the text that you are about to read)

The weekend of the 22nd - 24th September is started to look pretty jam-packed with action and adventure. Our SofA courses are beginning to fill up, so it's time to stop resting on your laurels, pop your name down for some activities, and prepare for adventure!

As for us, well we've only gone and booked two new SofA courses for your enjoyment and adventure at the Big Shakeout Festival.

If paddling is what floats your boat, why not journey along the waters of the River Derwent in Matlock under the instruction of the Tittesworth Waters instructors? When we say 'journey', we actually mean glide along in an open canoe or whizz down white water, but you catch our drift.

If think you'll enjoy gliding down the river, encountering diverse wildlife, seeing the world from a different perspective, and learning a few skills, the Open Canoe Journey will be right up your street. Suitable for all abilities of paddler (even potential paddlers who have yet to lay hands on a paddle), it's a great session for getting familiar with canoeing technique. Who knows, maybe this session will inspire you for future canoeing adventures of epic proportions!

The Introduction to White Water session is ideal for anyone who is looking to take the fast lane down the river. Aimed at getting you familiar with the realms of white water, it's an ideal session for paddlers with some experience in a kayak who fancy cranking their paddling up a notch.

Whether it's white water paddling or journeying in an open canoe that's piqued your interest, head over to the Big Shakeout tickets page to book your place!

For further updates on the Big Shakeout, keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News.

15 08 2017

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