Minipips and Rich in the Daring Deeds Yurt

Father-son adventure duo, Tom and Rich Seipps, recount their tales on two-wheels in the Daring Deeds Yurt

As you well know, a plethora of Alpkiteers and Athletes will be joining us in the Daring Deeds yurt to recount their tales of daring-do.

We'll be welcoming two familiar faces to the yurt this year - Tom and Rich Seipps (AKA Minipips and Rich). Never short of stories, the pair will be recounting tales from their father-son adventures, including the Minipips Tour de France.

Grappling with a huge bottle of Champagne during Pips Tour de France

Big Shakeout veterans will recognise this duo from previous appearances at the Big Shakeout Festival, Daring Deeds posts, or out and about in the Peak District and beyond. Tom is a boy who loves cycling and adventure, taking his dad, Rich, along for the ride. Together they have ticked off a few editions of the Strathpuffer 24-hour mountain bike race, cycled 2000 miles across France and back, raced the Dirty Reiver 200, and, well, cycled loads. They've even take the Sonder Tandem on a fair few adventures and featured in the Mountain Journal Series, filmed by Dom Bush, which picked up a multitude of awards.

On their return to the Daring Deeds tent, they'll be recounting tales from the Minipips Tour de France with the same light-hearted humour and personality that has earned them a following on the Minipips blog over the years.

Keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News for line-up details and announcements.

18 08 2017

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