LILA J playing the Big Shakeout

LILA J bringing rich sounds and underground niceness to the Big Shakeout Stage

Quirky? Creative? Honest? Even our wordsmith can't settle on one word to describe LILA J's music. Luckily we don't need to, because you'll be listening to them yourselves on the Big Shakeout Festival weekend at Thornbridge Outdoors.

Professing to belong to the genre of "underground niceness", Lisa, Gavin, Keith, and Damon, of vibrant and lovable Gloucestershire-based band, LILA J, have drawn on their eclectic wealth of musical experience to create unique and enchanting sound. (We'd never heard of 'underground niceness before, but if these guys are anything to go by, it's the way forward!)

Making big sounds out of very little, LILA J deliver soulful harmonies and sincere lyrics in a raw and uncompromising manner, earning them love and respect on the Gloucestershire music scene. Their contagious stage presence is enough to get even the most reluctant of toes tapping and the most hesitant of heads bobbing.

Can't wait for the Big Shakeout? See what they're up to and feed your ears some soulful sounds by visiting their website.

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14 07 2017

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