A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Phones are more than just phones these days; they're powerful, good quality cameras. It's time to learn how to use them.

We Go Nice Places, Do Good Things, and capture them on camera. Problem is that our photos don't always quite do justice to our adventures.

We venture to beautiful places, we see the world from the water, from mountain tops, from within the earth itself. We take in stunning landscapes and meet dynamic people. We want to capture these moments and take them home with us so that we can share and remember them.

Whether to capture moments, tell stories, or communicate with others, humans have been using images to document their experiences since the early days, etching and painting important moments on the walls of significant places. Technology has come on a bit since then and in the 1800s the first photograph was taken, opening a world where we could capture and share our experiences without setting fire to a stick to make charcoal.

These days we all walk around with incredible cameras in our jeans pockets, capturing hundreds of shots of stunning landscapes for instant review is just the click of a smart phone button away. Somehow, the images never quite measure up to reality… Unless you're Alex Ekins of course.

Published everywhere from National Geographic to the Guardian, Alex specialises in documentary outdoor, adventure travel, and architectural photography and photojournalism. He studied photojournalism at Sheffield College and has documented subjects such as Wide Boyz Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker on their mission to climb the world's hardest off-widths in America, among others. When you open up a copy of Climber magazine you'll probably find his name in there somewhere.

Click on Alex's Instagram and you'll be met with a gallery of new perspectives, quirky personalities, and vivid expedition and climbing shots that'll leave you with just a touch of life envy. Alex has a talent for telling stories and sharing experiences through his camera lens. He can take something as day-to-day as a smartphone and use it to capture something incredible.

Most of us have smartphones, so maybe it's time we really learned how to use them? Over the course of the Big Shakeout Festival weekend, Alex will be running workshops to develop your photography skills and to school you in the art of composing interesting shots with your smartphone. As well as taking you through a few tricks of the trade, he'll be introducing you to useful apps to help you to document those important moments.

Alex will also be running a workshop for the DSLR users among you, where he'll be developing your ability to capture and communicate unique experiences and stories.

As if a workshop with Alex weren't inspiring enough, participants will be able to practice their new skills by capture the merrymaking and festivities of the Big Shakeout - handy! 

Tickets must be booked in advance on the Big Shakeout Tickets page.

The Big Shakeout is a not-for-profit festival run by Alpkit for getting active, being entertained, and learning a little something new in the heart of the Peak District.

08 05 2017

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