Making the right kind of impact at BSO18

Let's promote sustainability at the Big Shakeout Festival

As much as we love going nice places and doing good things, we're conscious that we can have a harmful impact on the nice places we visit if we’re not too careful. Especially when there are about 500 of us going to the same nice places to do good things together. That’s why we're committed to reducing the environmental impact of the Big Shakeout as much as possible:

Zero to Landfill

The Big Shakeout is a Zero Waste to Landfill festival. This means that, quite simply, none of our waste goes into landfills. By working with Peak Waste Recycling we ensure that all waste that can be recycled is recycled. Anything that can't is shredded, trommelled, and transferred to a Waste to Energy plant where it is incinerated to power turbines that generate electricity. So to sum up, your rubbish creates new stuff and energy – wizard!

Big Shakeout Mug

Alpkit is 25% powered by tea, coffee and biscuits. We give every adult a free Big Shakeout Mug at the start of the weekend so that you can refill on free tea and coffee without throwing away endless paper cups. (Sorry, you'll have to provide your own biscuits.)

The much-coveted and world renowned Big Shakeout Mug

Foundation Bar

You won't find any one-use plastic cups behind our bar… Each year we give all our glassware a good thorough clean and store it nice and safely for the next Big Shakeout. Our beers and ciders all come from local breweries too, minimising their travel time.

We leave no trace

Go back to Thornbridge Outdoors after the event and you'll wonder if the Big Shakeout was all a dream (albeit the best dream ever). As part of our big packdown, our staff and volunteers comb the site for rubbish, forgotten bits and pieces and any traces of festivities, so come Sunday evening, no one will know we were there.


We issue E-tickets instead of printing them out to minimise paper wastage.

How you can do your bit?

Wondering how you can do your bit to lower your environmental impact over the Big Shakeout weekend?

Travel wisely!

Car traffic produces a huge amount of carbon emissions: save money, make friends, and have a mini-adventure with the following travel ideas…

Car share

Car sharing is an excellent way of getting to the festival if you don't have a car or want to split the cost with someone else who lives in your area. It's also way better for the environment than driving separately… car karaoke anyone?

You can also car share to courses that meet off-site.


Make getting to to the Big Shakeout part of the adventure. Thornbridge Outdoors sits on the Monsal Trail, an accessible, family friendly and beautiful public bridleway that is worth incorporating into your journey! Visit the CycleStreets website for more information about cycling in the area.

The nearest train station to Thornbridge Outdoors is 7 miles away in Grindleford on the Manchester and Sheffield line. Visit the National Rail website for more train times.

You can get the bus to Bakewell (5 miles away), Ashford-in-the-water (1 mile away) or Great Longstone; check out the Travel South Yorkshire and Public Transport in Derbyshire websites for timetables.

Apparently Hugh hadn't heard about our bikepacking range, but he definitely deserves Kudos for cycling in!

Leave no trace

Travel light and take all your bits and bobs home with you (remember that you can't park right next to your pitch, so you'll have to carry all your mod cons there and back again). If you don’t fancy taking your gear home, why not donate it to the Continuum Project?

Stick to pathways and trails

Wandering off the beaten track may feel wild, but we can inadvertently harm to local wildlife such as birds, flowers, and mammals when we wander into the undergrowth. Be ecologically minded and stick to pathways.

Put things in the bin

We're a Zero Waste to Landfill festival, but it sure does help when people put things in the bin! Even tiny things, such as cigarette butts, take years and years to decompose, so make sure they are disposed of properly!

Maybe an idea for the new factory?

Donate to Food Banks

Not sure what to do with all that left-over long-life food? Why not donate it to a food bank on the way home?

Bring your own refillable bottles

Shipping in plastic bottles is a huge source of emissions, bring your own refillable bottle and fill it up over the weekend (in the long term it’s much cheaper too!).

Use the loos provided

Human waste is a big pollutant, make sure you use the toilets provided to, err, do your business.

19 03 2018

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