Hot Fiction at the Big Shakeout

Sonically Rich Riff and Lick Based Blues-Rock

We have the original bluesy guitars and echoey vocals of Hot Fiction to keep you moving on the Saturday night.

A hotly tipped English Soul/Rock band who have been creating a bit of a buzz. Their slick styles, catchy riffs and bona fide moody atmosphere is played to exquisite effect.

Andy Yeoh (drums and vocals) and Simon Miller (Guitar and Vocals) formed Hot Fiction in 2008. They gravitated from London and quickly gained a cult following. Following the release of their debut album, Dark Room, they attracted a new range of fans at home in the UK and also internationally, especially the US, Spain and France.

Hot Fiction has built from it's simplified but sonically rich riff and lick based blues-rock of the first album; exploring new textures, themes and instrumentation.


Hot Fiction's Website

19 09 2013

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