Hot Fiction

Hot Fiction to play Big Shakeout festival.

Hot Fiction are a hotly tipped English Soul/Rock band. They've been aired on Absolute Radio, courted by Christian Dior and featured by music festivals up-and-down the country. Their most recent album, Apply Within, was release to critical acclaim in October 2012 and was the highlight of a national Summer/Autumn tour that included London, Yorkshire, The Midlands, Cornwall & The Edinburgh Festival.

The two members, Andy Yeoh (Drums & Vocals) and Simon Miller (Guitar & Vocals) met in school where their shared musical understanding blossomed. Following university both had accumulated a wide range of song-writing and performance experience. In 2008, Hot Fiction was formed.

The band found their centre of gravity in London, and the pair gained a cult following and now perform regularly. The release of the band’s first album Dark Room in 2010, brought an international dimension to the band’s success, attracting a new wave of fans, particularly in the US, Spain & France. In the three months following release, Dark Room was the no. 1 most popular album on the free music site, where it has over 300k plays to date.

Their latest album "Apply Within" has been met with even greater praise is available now free from their website.

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01 08 2013

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