What’s On: Home Talent on British Rock

Brit Rock Tour 2016: hunker down with a pizza and enjoy the showreel at the Big Shakeout Festival.

We were pretty stoked with double-whammy Thursday last week, but with all of the excitement of Lisa and Libby's Munro round and getting lunch from the chippy (Chip Thursday), we forgot all about it. No fear, let's hastily dive in for a triple whammy Friday instead, before anybody notices.

The Big Shakeout is all about keeping you entertained, and some of us find nothing more entertaining than cosying down to watch some inspirational, edge-of-your-seat, or downright hilarious films. Don't worry, we’ve got all those bases covered.

This year we've assembled an adventure film line-up that even the most reputable of cinemas would be envious of, beginning with the Brit Rock 2016 tour reel.

Now in its third year, the Brit Rock Film Tour celebrates the UK's rich climbing history and strong ethics, with cinematic spectaculars featuring home talent on British rock. Whether you're running short of inspiration or just fancy chilling in front of a great film, you'll be able to catch the following films (among others) at the Big Shakeout…

Blocheads: delve into the history of bouldering


Revel in the golden age of bouldering, follow the fearsomely strong Blocheads as they quest for new lines, and delve into bouldering's murky past - from the its humble beginnings to a movement that inspired a surge in competitions and indoor walls across the globe.

"Blocheads includes numerous first ascents, off-the-scale gnarly moves and hair-erasing highballs. Sumptuous production. Historical garnish. Anarchy. Daft bits. Awesome bits. Watch it. "

Shauna Coxsey goes Crack Climbing

Shauna Coxsey: a household name in climbing, an inspiration, and an established queen of crush. An IFSC Bouldering World Cup Champion, 8b+ climber, Redbull athlete, BMC ambassador, and MBE. But how will she fare against a brutal gritstone crack?

Blocheads: meet the new generation of fearsomely strong boulderers

The Quarryman

30 years after the first ascent, why does Quarryman remain such a coveted tick? This short film explores James Pearson's ascent of the climb, embellished with interviews with Johnny Dawes and archive footage of the original ascent and the quarrymen who formed the route. A superb insight into the history and ethics of British climbing.

We'll be announcing the line-up for films, talks, music, and more for the Big Shakeout over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News for further updates.

04 08 2017

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