First Aid for adventurers

Medical Seminars at the Big Shakeout Festival with UltraMedix

What does being adventure-ready mean to you?

To us it doesn't just mean packing our brightest head torches, donning our stormproof jackets, and tucking a few extra energy bars into our pockets - although these things definitely help! To us it means knowing how to stay out of harm's way when you're miles from the nearest refuge, being able to react when the worst happens, and learning skills that might save you and your partner's life.

To make sure you're prepared for your next adventure, UltraMedix will be running medical seminars at this year's Big Shakeout Festival on the 23rd and 24th September.

UltraMedix have combined their expertise in Sports and Exercise Science and their experience as  medical practitioners to created sessions geared towards adventure, extreme sports, and outdoor pursuits.

Over the course of the weekend they'll be discussing everything from water purification techniques and illness prevention,  to dealing with major traumas.

They'll also be parking up their ambulance on the festival site at Thornbridge Outdoor and offering free CPR training throughout  the weekend.

There is a maximum of 12 places available for each seminar. Interested? Book your tickets here.

26 04 2017

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