Climbing Courses

Whether ropes is your thing or you prefer the pure freedom of bouldering we got something for you. We have sessions aimed at all abilities, if you have never tried climbing and are wondering what all the fuss is about try our Beginners Climbing Session.

If you found the climbing bug at your local wall our Resin to Rock sessions will help you make the transition to the crag, looking at transferable skills and techniques as well as teaching you the invaluable skills of route finding and ethics. A great introductory taster session if you wish to break out from the gym onto the crags of Britain.

Resin to Rock - Leading

Resin to Rock - Bouldering

For apprentice lead climbers we have a day's coaching session which will teach you which gear to use, when and how to place it so it sticks, rope management, belay set up as well as touching on the psychology, the mental game of lead climbing.

Lead Climbing - The Building Blocks of Lead Climbing

We have invited climbing coach, route setter and one of the longest serving members of the British Climbing Team Gareth Parry along to run a performance coaching session. He'll review your technique and help refine your mental and physical approach to help you push on to that illusive next grade.

Bouldering with Gaz Parry

We also have two ground based pratical sessions focussing on invaluable skills that will keep you safe on the crag. Bombproof Belays is ideal for newcomers to the sport, for the second that tends to live in the shadow of their lead partner or maybe you have seen the light and are coming back into the sport and could do with a refresher. Climbing Escapeology should be on every climber's tick sheet. This session focusses on skills we hope you will never have to use, how can you escape the system should you need to raise the alarm or help a friend.

If you're keen to get your little ones on the climbing ladder so to speak, our Mini Adventurer course for 4-8 year olds utilises the on-site climbing facilties to keep them entertained before heading underground to the mole hole!!

Of course you don't need to book onto a course to enjoy climbing at the Big Shakeout as we'll also have a library of guidebooks, maps and demo boulder mats so you can head off into the Peak and explore its climbing wonders on your own.

02 04 2014

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