Chris Sleight at the Big Shakeout

Mountaineer, climber, and journalist, Chris Sleight, will be hosting a panel with our Daring Deeds adventurers at the Big Shakeout Festival (we're very very excited about this)

Less than a day to go! We're trying to focus on other bits and piece, but it's very hard to to sit and get excited about the Big Shakeout, especially seeing as we're going to be joined by Chris Sleight for a Daring Deeds Q & A on Saturday night...

It'll be strange to see Chris Sleight up on a stage. His voice has narrated us through countless adventures, taken us on journeys to wild places, and introduced us to fascinating people who go to the hills to go home.

You may not have heard of Chris Sleight, but you'll definitely have heard his voice or read some of his stories. His rich career has taken him from writing new pieces at the BBC HQ in London, all the way to the wild, far-reaches of Scotland with BBC Scotland's Out of Doors. After a new challenge, Chris began the Mountain Podcast where he shares captivating stories of adventure in wild places. 

One of the things that strikes us about Chris is that he seems to be able to capture the spirit of an epic adventure in just a 20 minute podcast. So we've asked him to come along to the Big Shakeout to direct his pertinent questions at our Daring Deeds speakers. He'll be hosting a panel and helping to paint a picture of the whys, the whats and the hows of adventure.

You'll be able to catch him at 9pm on Saturday in the Wyedale Room. 

Remember, all of the proceeds from the Big Shakeout Festival go to the Alpkit Foundation

21 09 2017

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