Neil Cottam talks Rumble in the Jungle

Long time AlpFriend, Neil Cottam, will be heading down to the Daring Deeds Yurt to talk travel, mountain biking, and why the two work so well together!

What better way to celebrate a lovely sunny day than by welcoming Neil Cottam, founder  of Chase The Rainbow, onto the Daring Deeds line-up at the Big Shakeout Festival.

Neil's been a frequent visitor to down at Alpkit ever since he found out he could get free coffee. Then one day, he spotted our prized Yak Attack trophy, and he's been involved in the event ever since.

Relishing in any opportunity to get as far from the beaten track as possible, Neil has never been able to say no to the chance of immersing himself in new scenarios, cultures, and experiences. As a result, it didn't take long for him to get involved in the Rumble in the Jungle race in Sri Lanka.

Neil will be joining us in the Daring Deeds Yurt to describe the delights of mountain biking and discuss how travelling to far-flung lands can change your perspectives on mountain biking.

Keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News for line-up details to come!

11 08 2017

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