Building on the success of 2012

We have learnt a lot over the last 3 years but there are still improvements we can make for 2013.

Live Music - we have always called the Big Shakeout a festival but this year we wanted it to really feel like one. Key to a festival is good music and we're not going to be short of it in 2013. 

Great beer - direct from the Monkey not the organ grinder - this year we have teamed up with Blue Monkey Brewery to bring a mini monkey beer festival to the Shakeout. The guys are into the outdoors as much as they are into their beer and it seemed a perfect synergy to bring them on board.

Later start on Sunday - a lot of you enjoyed the music on the Saturday night last year and getting up for the courses on a crisp frosty morning was defintely a struggle for some. This year we have pushed the start time for the activities courses back from 9am to 10am and we'll be asking to cafe to serve breakfasts as late as possible.

More free workshops - when we first launched the Shakeout we thought you'd all be off enjoying sunshine on the crags, dales and caves of the Peak. Last year we introduced a couple of free onsite workshops which went down a storm. So in 2013 we have booked more guys to come onsite and teach you their crafts. 

More toilets - we have the whole site to use for the Shakeout, but most gravitate towards the facilities. This year we are placing toilets throughout the site allowing you to camp pretty much wherever you like. Hang a hammock in the woods, roll out your bivi bag next to the fire pit or stake out your group's camp in the bottom fields, the choice will be yours.

Better site lighting - after a long stint on the motorway, navigating down small Derbyshire lanes in the dark is not much fun, so to make things easier for you so we will be putting in better lighting in the bottom fields. This should make it easier to see the carpark and locate a suitable camp site.

Site improvements - the guys from Thornbridge Outdoor have been putting in some work on the site and as a result the accommodation block has been completely renovated so if you don't feel like camping grab a bed. The WiFi coverage has been improved, the Yurt now has a wood burning stove for a really nice homely feel and in addition there are now a couple of on-site teepees for hire.

02 07 2013

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