Blue Monkey Beer Festival

Blue Monkey Brewery was born in the urban jungle on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. This was in 2008 not long after Alpkit started, and we have always been within a stone's throw of their place since. They come over and buy their camping kit and we regually visit their trade counter for a bottle or six. Last year they just supplied some beer, this year they're running the place!!

It's going to be a Blue Monkey Micro Beer Festival with their best loved brews available straight from their lovely shiny brewery. They produce about 20,000 pints of beer a week, this might sound like a lot, but compared to the big guys, just like Alpkit, they're pretty tiny. Just like us they are big enough to guarantee quality and consistency, whilst remaining small enough to run a tight-knit team of beer nerds brewing the beers they love.
With over 20 CAMRA and SIBA awards to their name their beers speak for themselves.

02 07 2013

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