Big Shakeout 2018 Speakers

Back for 2018 is the Big Shakeout Talks programme: tales of adventure, expedition, and derring-do with award-winning swashbucklers and Alpkiteers.

What campfire is complete without stories to share round it? Some of our favourite adventurers and Alpkiteers are generously giving up their time to join us at Big Shakeout tent, share and discuss their latest exploits, and answer burning questions we have about their adventures. 

Between the Teepee Talks, Daring Deed Yurt and the General Store Talks, here's a taster of what's to come! Check the full line up in your BSO programme when you arrive!

The Teepee Talks: A new concept for Big Shakeout 2018 so bear with us!

Through Saturday come listen and join in with informal talks and debates around themes of the outdoors. Check the blackboard at the teepee for any changes and updates... but at the moment it's looking like.

- 11.00 am Lynn Robinson, newly appointed BMC president discusses the changing role of women within the BMC and how this is feeding through into the interests of its members. 

- 1.30 pm Charles Ross, All-round environmental guru, academic. - Leave no trace attitude in the outdoors. An overview. 
- 2.30 pm Charles Ross is back again -  How to get the DWR back working on your jacket (to include how to make your washing machine work more effectively)
- 4.00 pm Charles Ross - Plastic-in-the-Ocean

- 6.00 till late. The Adventure Soapbox. An experimental evening open to anyone brave enough, the stage will be open all evening so come prepared to do a whirlwind talk about your latest adventure to those that want to listen! Then jump on the soapbox when you get the chance. No projector, no audio, just bring your own visual props if you need them! Keep it engaging as we’re sure the audience won’t take any prisoners if it gets boring…

keep an eye out for some guest appearances from Alpkiteers Steve Bate, Scott Swalling, Rich and Tom Seipp and anyone else we can cajole into joining in!

Colin Hayles: Building your own plane and flying to Australia and then beyond.

In a feat of DIY that showed that modest means don’t have to stand in the way of your dreams, Colin from Staffordshire built his own plane from odds and sods and flew it round the world. After a flight to Sydney, well a total of 66 flights, it inspired Colin to take on the world and lead his attempt to fly around the globe… “I’m showing that you can try to fly around the world in a tiny, £15,000 homebuild aircraft, using an old Pilot 3 GPS and some ancient analogue instruments borrowed from work…

Pete McNeil: Riding the Silk Road

Alpkit Ambassador and friend, Pete from Adventure Pedlars, spent August preparing for and riding the Silk Road Mountain Race: 1700 km through the Kyrgyzstan Mountains in 10 days. 29 riders finished out of the starting 98, scratching not just as a result of the rough mix of terrain, but many falling foul of altitude sickness and food poisoning, making it a all round tough race. Pete reports back on riding through some of the wildest areas of this stunning and untouched part of the world. 

Charles Ross: How to leave no trace

All-round environmental guru, academic, font of knowledge. Whatever you want to call him, Charles is the man to talk to about reducing your outdoor gear’s impact on the environment. He will be looking to expand the consumer's mind to sustainability issues that go under the radar of most and prepare them for the difficult choices between unwavering performance balancing alongside sustainability. Considerations the outdoor industry need to be thinking about such as making gear last longer, avoiding landfill (for kit and packaging), fit & aesthetic durability, end of gear-life solutions, water consumption in production and a leave no trace attitude in the outdoors


Join Writer Claire Carter and Poet Genevieve Carver for a celebration of women’s adventure writing, poetry and art.

Mel Nicholls: Faroes Adventures

Back in August GB Paracyclist, Mel Nicholls, set out on a self-supported mission to solo handcycle as many of the islands of the Faroes as possible.

Phil Brotherton: Trail of poppies

In 2015, Phil cycled, climbed and walked 3500 miles from Galipolli to London, following the First World War front line to commemorate those who died in the war.

Dom Joyce: Beyond Disko

Dom has just come back from another journey with Olivier to attempt to sail through the Northwest passage. What made this special is that they were attempting it in Olivier’s non-reinforced wooden boat, something only a handful of people have ever tried. The Northwest Passages are notoriously dangerous and have killed hundreds of sailors throughout history, who refer to it as the Everest of sailing routes, and for a long time it was the number one priority for British explorers.


Check out your BSO programme on arrival for the full listing.

The Big Shakeout is a not-for-profit festival, all proceeds go to the Alpkit Foundation

12 03 2018

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