Big Shakeout 2018 Films

The Big Shakeout will feature some of the best films from the festival circuit this year

Bring your popcorn, your pizza, your strawberry bonbons (or whatever you need to enjoy a film really...) and tune into some inspirational, edge-of-your-seat, and downright hilarious films. 

Here's a taster of what you'll be seeing on the showreel, more films to be confirmed! 

Divided: The Adventure Syndicate

Lee Craigie and Rickie cotter tell the story of an expedition that didn’t quite go to plan as they race 2745 miles down the spine of the USA on the Tour Divide.

Chasing the Sublime

Follow the originators of The Outdoor Swimming Society, ‘swim twins’ Kate Rew and Kari Furre, in this hauntingly beautiful look at the physicality of long distance cold water swimming in the UK, by award-winning director Amanda Bluglass.

Colin Hayles: Oxford to Sydney in a KR2

Colin Hayles dreamt of flying round the world. Planes are expensive, so Colin built his own from odds and sods and eventually took off from a runway in Oxfordshire with his sights set on Australia.

Ian Almond: Mountain Journal Short

Personal stories for love of the outdoors featuring Ian Almond, a climber and mountaineer who lost parts of his fingers to frostbite on a very cold climb in the Alps in 2013. In this film from Dom Bush - Land and Sky Media he looks back on the sacrifices and achievements of a life spent in the mountains, providing an honest, understated story about obsession, identity and self reflection filmed in the stunning Torridon landscape.

Steve Bate: Focus

In 2011, Steve Bate was told he’d be blind in 4 years. Focus tells the story of his life since diagnosis, from becoming the first visually impaired person to solo El Cap, to winning gold in Rio as a para-athlete and racing the Rovaniemi. Selected into Banff Film Festival, come and catch the trailer and check the schedule to hear from Steve himself as he introduces the story behind this upcoming film.

The Al Humphreys Compendium

Adventurer and author Al Humphreys never fails to transport us off to lands near and far with his tales of travel. This compendium of some of his short films should give you a taste for adventure.


Dominic Joyce’s documentary joins Skipper Olivier as he sails through the Arctic circle, surround by icebergs off the best coast of Greenland, in a handmade wooden boat. All in search of the legendary DISKO bay.

Best of Kendal Mountain Festival

Hand-picked by the experts at Kendal Mountain Festival to bring you the best of this year’s outdoor films.

The Big Shakeout is a not-for-profit festival, all proceeds go to the Alpkit Foundation

12 03 2018

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