Big Shakeout 2017 Live Music

Big Shakeout 2017

If music is what life sounds like, then life is going to be pretty darn good at this year's Big Shakeout.

Our talent scouts have been busy seeking the exciting performers from around the UK to delight our ears, get our heads bobbing, and our feet moving. Here's what you'll be listening to this year!


Friday Night: Foundation Stage
LILA J band promo shot  

Soulful, quirky, and enchantingly honest "Underground Niceness", imported from Gloucestershire to get even the most reluctant of toes tapping.

Toffees band  

Edgy rock met classic pop in Milton Keynes one day, this was the result: melodious, unique, and highly addictive.

Holy Moly and the Crackers  

Holy Moly and the Crackers
A 7 piece gypsy folk rock band, playing a moonshine mix of rock, pop, folk, blues, balkan, klezma, ska, and reggae to tell stories, build beats, and get us all dancing.

Saturday Night: Foundation Stage
Johanna Alba Music  

Johanna Alba
Powerful melodies with a jazzy, poppy feel from an award-winning, up-and-coming singer-songerwriter.

Kentucky Cow Tippers EP cover  

The Kentucky Cow Tippers
The Bluegrass kings of the North bestowing everything from country-tinged harmonies to progressive "Newgrass" on our appreciative ears, complete with corduroy jackets.

The wax lyrical sound  

The Wax Lyrical Sound
Combining unique rock riffs, hip hop beats, and colourful lyrics to create a funky, gritty, and energetic alternative rap sound.


Matlock's hottest export: a Nu-Disco trio that takes the neon roots of funk and disco and embellishes it with a dose of Derbyshire cheekiness.

KOG and the zongo brigade  

K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade
9 piece infectious West African vibes from Ghana via Sheffield, with diverse origins conflating to whip up their signature mix of "Afro-fusion".

Saturday Night: Fire Stage
Lila J logo  

An acoustic twist on some good, old-fashioned, Underground Niceness.

Ben Miles  

Ben Miles
Bluesy rhythms to get your head nodding and your feet tapping from the loudest man in rock.

Johanna Alba  

Johanna Alba
Acoustic set from an award-winning singer-songwriter

Tom Mccartney Music  

Tom McCartney
A unique brand of bluesy rock ‘n’ roll with a country twang to get you moving and shaking.

24 08 2017

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