Big Shakeout 2017 Food and Drink

Fuel up for your adventures!

We know you are going to be making the most of your day which is why we have worked hard to make sure you can also make the most of your evenings with us. Hang up your rucksack and enjoy hearty cooked food, great beer, live music, lectures, fun and games.

On Saturday breakfast will start early! There will be snacks available to purchase most of the day, and on Friday and Saturday evening we've invited down a variety of independent vendeurs to serve out delicious meals, including...


Nether Edge Pizza Company
Rumoured to be the best pizza place in Sheffield, Nether Edge pizza company will be back on popular demand to serve out delicious cheesy goodness with interesting and flavoursome toppings (AKA really really good pizza).




Heidi the Van
Here to fulfil all your vegetarian and vegan needs, the Heidi the Van team will be serving a delicious variety of European-inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.




The Old Brick Cafe
Taking van life to a whole new gourmet level, they'll be dishing up European and British street food inspired meals made with locally sourced ingredients. It's blimin' tasty!

02 02 2017

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