Munros, Munros, and more Munros

Lisa and Libby run through their self-propelled continuous Munro round at the Big Shakeout Festival 2017

Lisa and Libby of Beauties and the Bog will be dropping by the Daring Deeds Yurt at the Big Shakeout 2017 to give us the low-down on their self-propelled continuous Munro round.

You know how we love a tale of daring-do; nothing is quite so inspiring as hearing about the epic adventures of our fellow humans. Over the past few years we've invited Alpkiteers and athletes down to Thornbridge Outdoors to discuss what they've been up to, and this year we'll be welcoming another troop of speakers to share their stories.

Beauties and the Bog is an all-female fell-running team based in Sheffield. The team came together when training for the 42 mile High Peak Marathon, creating a film that earned a place in the 2017 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival official selection.

Back in July, Libby and Lisa embarked on a new adventure, attempting a self-propelled round of all 282 of the mountains above 3,000 feet in Scotland, also known as a Munro round. That's 149,000 metres of ascent, 1000 miles of running and walking, 1000 miles of cycling, and a bit of kayaking in between. They're aiming to complete the challenge in 80 days, setting a new record for female athletes and hopefully getting back in time for the Big Shakeout Festival.

A summit celebration: Lisa and Libby | Photo: Beauties and the Bog

You can read about Libby and Lisa's adventure and follow their progress on the Beauties and the Bog blog, then you can come to see them in the flesh at the Daring Deeds Yurt, where they'll be telling us about their adventure.

Lisa and Libby are two of a plethora of speakers who'll be keeping us on the edge of our seats at the Big Shakeout, visit the talks page to discover who else you'll catch at the yurt.

03 08 2017

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