Ario Caves Project

Exploring the underworld, join the Ario Projecy Expedition team in the Daring Deeds Yurt on Saturday to regale in their tales of life below

Eeek! Only a couple of days left until the Big Shakeout Festival. As we're seeing all of our carefully made plans fall into place, we can't help but get a little excited (and maybe even distracted?) every time we think about the weekend that we've got in store for you all! (Don't worry, we're still making sure that we're making and sending out great stuff to help you #GNPDGT ).

To make matters even more exciting, we will be joined in the Daring Deeds Yurt by members of the Ario Caves Project, who'll be telling us about their latest expedition in pursuit of the Ario Dream.

The talk will be led by co-expedition leader, Steph Dwyer. Happiest when dangling on a rope and being the first to dip her toe into the unknown abyss of the underground world, Steph loves all things outdoors whether she's volunteering with the local Mountain Rescue Team, open water swimming, or long distance fell running. Having spent her entire adult life exploring the fascinating underworlds of Ireland, the UK and Europe, Steph and expedition co-leader, Mike Bottomley, were inevitably gripped by the Ario Dream…

'The horned peaks of the Picos de Europa, Spain are home to the ‘Ario Dream’- the quest to find Europe’s deepest cave system. Its limestone surface, stark and devoid of water, yet honeycombed with inviting openings into a vast complex of chambers and waterfalls below, the Ario system, in its entirety, remains a mystery to the human eye, its existence confirmed only by a colossal volume of water which re-emerges into the light, filling the Cares gorge some 2000 vertical metres below.

Not for the faint-hearted or easily disheartened, it has taken over 55 years of expeditions to descend over 1200 metres of this truly remote system.'

Through the wonder of the spoken word and the Daring Deeds Yurt, you'll learn about the worldly significance of this system, share what it’s like to explore the last of earth's hidden treasures and regale tales from this year’s major success: a connection between caves C4 and 2/7.

Join the Ario Project expedition team on Saturday evening at 8pm.

If you fancy doing a bit of BSO homework, you'll find out more about the project on the Ario Caves Project website, or at

We're looking forward to seeing you soon! Remember, all of the proceeds from the Big Shakeout goes to the Alpkit Foundation

20 09 2017

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