Aleks Kashefi at the Big Shakeout

Adventurer and self-proclaimed 'Cultivator of Stupidity' Aleks Kashefi talks embracing and overcoming your fears at the Big Shakeout Festival

Adventure is filled with fear. Fear of failure, injury, hunger, cold, heat. The list is never-ending and, at times, serves as the perfect excuse to not step out of the safety of our comfort zones.

Fear is also something we don't tend to talk about. But if you're going to talk about it, who better to talk with that someone who threw away his safety blanket to pursue the unknown.

Aleks Kashefi left stability and a steady income behind to embrace adventure, risk, and his fears

Aleks Kashefi knows all about fear. As a Science teacher who dreamed of mountains and adventure, he spent the summer holidays running iconic Land's End to John O'Groats barefoot and unsupported, whilst the rest of us chilling on the beach and playing Pokemon Go. In fact, he was probably the world's coolest teacher, encouraging students to embrace challenge and take risks in learning. His advice was so good that he decided to take it himself.

At the end of August 2016, Aleks chose a backpack and some sandals over a secure life with a good income, going it alone instead of following the crowd to see what happens when we choose adventure over the ordinary, secure life.

Everything that Aleks needs in one backpack

Aleks started running in July 2012. Five years, thousands of miles, and a cross-continental run through winter later, Aleks is now set to take on his fears and learn to explore the places he loves in new ways.

He'll be sharing his experiences at the Big Shakeout, from the familiar love of the mountains, to foot-based travel and his fear and dislike of swimming and open water. 

For some intermediary inspiration to keep you Going Nice Places, you can see what Aleks is up to by visiting his blog.

The BSO talks programme is currently unconfirmed, so keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News to stay up-to-date with the wheres and whens.

13 07 2017

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