Music to our Ears at the Big Shakeout

The Ale Marys and Cascadia Fault Line will be spreading joy through soulful sound-making at the Big Shakeout Festival

An unprecedented double whammy announcement for the Big Shakeout 2017 this fine Thursday. 'Double whammy Thursday' I believe it's called.

The Big Shakeout is all about everyone having a jolly good time, no matter their age or their favourite type of cake. The two latest additions to our line-up couldn't be more demonstrative of our festival's variety…

The Ale Marys

Originally formed back in 1996, when Alpkit was no more than a twinkle in its founders' eyes, The Ale Marys were swept apart by fate until their almighty return to the festival circuit in 2015. Although their line-up may have slightly evolved, with the addition of a harmonica, accordion, flute and whistle (a winning combination), they're still delivering their classic package of guitar-led, jingly jangly jolliness and folky pop, complete with feel-good vibes.

Photo: The Ale Marys

Cascadia Fault Line

At the other end of a very colourful spectrum, Liverpool-based Cascadia Fault Line, formed in 2016, will be weaving tales and telling stories through their dreampop, shoe box melodies. Despite the band's youth, its members have over thirty years of experience of performing. They've channelled this experience towards blending their captivating harmonies and singer Rachael's poetic lyrics, with unique and almost hypnotising results that'll get you thinking.

Photo: Cascadia Fault Line

You'll be able to catch The Ale Marys and Cascadia Fault Line on the Foundation stage at the Big Shakeout. Until then, keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News to get all the gossip on who's doing what and when.

What? You haven't seen the line-up so far? Get yourself over to the music page to see what's going on!

27 07 2017

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