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Big Shakeout 2017

Chris Sleight at the Big Shakeout
Mountain Podcast's Chris Sleight in the Wyedale Room

Ario Caves Project
Life below: Europe's deepest cave network

Where to Swim
Swimming spots in the Peak District

Book onto SofA before the 17th September
Last chance to pre-book SofA courses

Keeping it Green at BSO17
Reduce your impact at BSO17

Where to Bike
Biking routes in the Peak District

Pint-Sized Adventures
Big Shakeout Course for Mini Adventurers

What’s on: Reel Rock 11
Reel Rock 11 at the Big Shakeout

Festival Essentials
What to bring to the Big Shakeout

Big Shakeout 2017 Live Music
Two days of great new music coming your way in 2017

On the line-up: Johanna Alba
Johanna Alba playing at the Big Shakeout Festival

Neil Cottam talks Rumble in the Jungle
Neil Cottam at the Big Shakeout

What’s on: Celebrating a Legend
Copa – Patagonia at the Big Shakeout

Matlock’s Hottest Export
Patawawa at the Big Shakeout

What’s On: Home Talent on British Rock
Film line-up for the Big Shakeout

Parkour blimey!
Free parkour sessions at the Big Shakeout

Music to our Ears at the Big Shakeout
New on the BSO line-up

An Earful of Goodness from The Kentucky Cow Tippers
From Bluegrass to Newgrass at the BSO

On the Menu: Heidi and the Old Brick Cafe
European inspired street food

Steve Bate at the Big Shakeout
From Olympics to Fat Bikes

LILA J playing the Big Shakeout
Underground niceness for your ears

Aleks Kashefi at the Big Shakeout
Making fear your friend

Wild Swimming Brothers at the Big Shakeout
How to plan your next adventure

On The Menu: Nether Edge Pizza Company
Pizzary joy at the Big Shakeout

An Adventure Shared
Share your swashbuckling tales

Leave No Trace
Caring for our landscapes

Take it to the Trails
Explore the Freedom of Fell Running with Dave Taylor

BSO Try Your Hand At Dry Stone Walling
Have a go a Dry Stone Walling

BSO Peak District Mini Adventure Navigation and Trail Challenge
Peak Park Navigation and Trail Challenge

Be a Shakeout Shaker Maker
Volunteer at the Big Shakeout

BSO Wet and Wild Underground
Discover some of the mysteries under the Peak District.

BSO Go Deeper Underground
Extended caving trip for those with previous caving experience

BSO Climbing Escapology
Essential rope systems and management to see you safely up and down your climb.

BSO Resin to Rock - Bouldering
Make that dyno from indoor to outdoor climbing

BSO Bombproof Belays
A practical ground based session providing instruction on the setting up of bombproof belays.

BSO Intro to Outdoor Climbing
Come and experience climbing on some of the best rock in the world.

BSO Derwent River Safari
Explore the Peak by open canoe.

BSO Mountain Biking - Girls Only Core Skills Session
Learning at your own level and pace is a fantastic way to develop your skills further.

BSO Mountain Biking - An Introduction to Jumps & Drops
Fancy being in more control over jumps and bigger drops? Then this is the course for you.

BSO Bushcraft Skills
Become one with the way of the woodland

BSO Monsal Bike and Abseil
Follow the Monsal Trail to an exciting 80ft abseil.

BSO Full Day Navigation Skills
This practical course aims to equip you with the skills to plan walks, and the confidence to strike out off the beaten track.

BSO Adrenaline Rush
Find your inner Tarzan as you swing through the trees from challenge to challenge.

BSO Guided Family Weaseling Walk
Have you ever wondered how to spice up your walks and make them more exciting for the kids in the group no matter their size?

BSO Mini Adventurer
Let active kids discover their adventurous nature