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Big Shakeout 2017

Be a Shakeout Shaker Maker
Volunteer at the Big Shakeout

BSO Climbing Escapology
Essential rope systems and management to see you safely up and down your climb.

BSO Resin to Rock - Bouldering
Make that dyno from indoor to outdoor climbing

BSO The Building Blocks of Lead Climbing
Learning to lead climb is one of the biggest and most important steps that climbers can make, this course is the perfect first step for anyone wanting to start leading trad climbs.

BSO Bombproof Belays
A practical ground based session providing instruction on the setting up of bombproof belays.

BSO Intro to Outdoor Climbing
Come and experience climbing on some of the best rock in the world.

BSO Yoga with Polly Clark
Free morning and evening yoga sessions - book early!

BSO Adrenaline Rush
Find your inner Tarzan as you swing through the trees from challenge to challenge.

BSO Mini Adventurer
Let active kids discover their adventurous nature