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Big Shakeout 2017

Book onto SofA before the 17th September
Last chance to pre-book SofA courses

Oar-some Adventures
New SofA watersports courses at the Big Shakeout Festival

Parkour blimey!
Free parkour sessions at the Big Shakeout

An Adventure Shared
Share your swashbuckling tales

Leave No Trace
Caring for our landscapes

Building History
Learn the craft of dry stone walling

Nordic what-now?
Demythifying Nordic walking

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
Capture your adventures in all their glory

Trails, Tales, Navigation and Conservation
Get to know your National Park

First Aid for adventurers
Learn lifesaving skills at the Big Shakeout

Big Shakeout 2017 Site Activities
This year's Big Shakeout is bigger than ever, with more going on day and night!