Big Shakeout

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Big Shakeout 2017

Matlock’s Hottest Export
Patawawa at the Big Shakeout

Music to our Ears at the Big Shakeout
New on the BSO line-up

An Earful of Goodness from The Kentucky Cow Tippers
From Bluegrass to Newgrass at the BSO

On the Menu: Heidi and the Old Brick Cafe
European inspired street food

Steve Bate at the Big Shakeout
From Olympics to Fat Bikes

LILA J playing the Big Shakeout
Underground niceness for your ears

Aleks Kashefi at the Big Shakeout
Making fear your friend

Building History
Learn the craft of dry stone walling

Nordic what-now?
Demythifying Nordic walking

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
Capture your adventures in all their glory

First Aid for adventurers
Learn lifesaving skills at the Big Shakeout

Be a Shakeout Shaker Maker
Volunteer at the Big Shakeout