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Aleks Kashefi


A teacher who dreams of adventure and running mountains, I set out and completed the iconic Land’s End to John O’Groats (barefoot and unsupported), told students that they should embrace challenge and take risks in learning whilst working in a secure job with a comfortable and risk free lifestyle. The hypocrisy seemed to hit home when I ran LeJog, carrying what I needed in a small backpack. In August of 2016 I chose a backpack and some sandals over a secure life with a good income. I chose to go alone instead of with friends and now I’m seeing what will happen when we chose adventure and challenge over the ordinary, secure life.

The Number Crunch: 5km - check. Half marathon - check. 50 km - check. Lands End to John O’Groats, 1162 miles, 38 days - check. Europe North to South, 6182km 196 days.

11 04 2018 - Daring Deeds

Testing kit, product tips and chilly dips
Hero training on hills and in tarns

03 10 2017 - Daring Deeds

With new eyes
two new adventures from new ways of looking

22 08 2017 - Daring Deeds

Project Big Swim
Aleks Kashefi makes fear his friend

30 03 2017 - Daring Deeds

What to do next
Following a big run

26 01 2017 - Daring Deeds

Dreaming of home
Aleks looks forward to home

13 01 2017 - News

Gravitas across Europe
review of lightweight waterproof

07 12 2016 - Daring Deeds

Here, not elsewhere
Running across Europe passing 3000km

18 11 2016 - Daring Deeds

Continuing journeys through Europe

09 10 2016 - Daring Deeds

A change of pace
days 62 to 66 through Europe

13 09 2016 - Daring Deeds

Run E1 the opening stages
Early stages of the E1 run across Europe

26 07 2016 - Daring Deeds

Reaching the E1 start line
getting ready to run across Europe

10 05 2016 - Daring Deeds

Barefoot and Stupid
Norway to Sicily run

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