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Filo [Mens]

Premium Hydrophobic Duck Down Jacket


Akita Jacket [Womens]

Full-zip fleece jacket


Chilkoot [Mens]

Comfortable highly wind resistant softshell trousers

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers

Viper II

Lightweight 280 burst lumen LED head torch

Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping bag

Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic

Incredibly warm technical duck down uncompromising three season bag

Brukit Jackal super quick lightweight stove

Brukit Jackal

Compact integrated gas stove

Winter Camping
Adventure Courses

Alpkit instore and online

What’s in store? Come visit our Hathersage, Ambleside and AKHQ Factory Stores. They're just the same as Alpkit online, the only difference is that the store is made of bricks and mortar and has a roof, doors and windows. Our full product range is available, with free Sonder bike demo's, free tea and coffee, bike repair workshop, Gear Repair Station and Alpkit crew on hand to chat through the latest from the design team. We've events and regular School of Adventure courses starting from the store for you to try something new and get friendly expert guidance to help you on your way with all things outdoors: climbing, bouldering, running, mountain biking, navigation skills, paddling, swimming and caving. Check the store pages for more details.

Visit Alpkit in the Peak District
Visit Alpkit in the Lake District

Hurly Burly
55 Hours by Dom Bush

After months of reconnaissance Kate Rew and Kari Furre from the Outdoor Swimming Society swam 10k on the Mawddach. The route is now an event: Brwlwm Bermo, the Hurly Burly. The "55 Hours" is our series of Mountain Journal films documenting inspiring new adventurous activities that people can fit in over a weekend – from leaving home on Friday to getting back on Sunday evening.

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Daring Deeds

© Ario Caves Project
17 10 2017

Ario Caves
In pursuit of the Ario Dream

Ramon Marin col.
17 10 2017

My Piano
climbing frenzy at Nesscliffe, Shropshire

Aleks Kashefi
03 10 2017

With new eyes
two new adventures from new ways of looking

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© Alpkit
18 10 2017

Winter Camping 2017
Staying warm in Winter

© Alpkit
18 10 2017

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Win winter

© Alpkit
17 10 2017

‘Testing’ the Argonaut
A run up that hill, ride to work, climb a tree, nip out for milk kinda jacket.

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© Alpkit
28 09 2017

Argonaut Waterproof Jacket
Premium performance without the price-tag

16 06 2017

UK-made climbing packs
Developing Ibex and Chamois

Rando Shropshire Sonder
26 05 2017

Branching out with the Rando Range
New welded bike luggage

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17 10 2017

Hurly Burly - The Pioneer Year report
A run-swim revolution

13 10 2017

We’ve Moved! But not that far…
Our UK Factory grows

©Heeley People's Park
10 10 2017

Heeley People’s Park
A park Of and For the people

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Alpkit The Short Story

There was a time when we had a lot of time free, so we stumbled into the outdoors. We worked in an outdoor shop, saved some cash, and got ourselves kitted out. We travelled, did some routes and life was good. Then our kit started falling apart, we were no longer students and we realised the cost of replacing it. As we waited to pick up yet another x-xtra large fleece in the sales we patched up our waterproofs and wore an extra jumper in our smelly sleeping bags.

During this time we realised that the passing years had taught us something, we had the experience to create something new.

And somewhere therein lays the real story of how Alpkit.com™ was born. Born out of the passion for outdoor activity and not accepting the costs involved in getting technical clothing and equipment as superior as the best in our sacks. Four ordinary people trying to make some thing extraordinary. And why Alpkit.com™? it's just a name... we go to the alps, we climb, we ride, we paddle, we swim, we run, we board, we visit our in laws.. we produce kit.. we didn't want it to be complicated.