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Kenny says - “Oh wow, the factory has been busy.. 50 litre kitbags available in new colours”

It is the Alpkit 2010 Christmas Competition


This year we are going to test your knowledge of Alpkit! Between the 1st of December and Christmas we are going to cast your memory back over our past 12 months. Each day we will pose a question that will test to see if you were paying attention. Don't worry if you had better things to do with your time.. you will still be able to find the answers somewhere on our site or even our Facebook page.

Stop Press: Prize draw and winner announced

Stop the press again: Answers!

Jim - January
Whilst promoting the Fig Fours in France we had a massive dump of snow. What classic alpine car is under 4ft of snow?
Answer : Panda4x4
Answer Location : " Jims Daring Deed ICE 2010 In Pictures" If you didn't know the car straight away you could have right clicked on the photo of the car under the snow and open in new window or save as the car name would be displayed in the photo title.

Nick - Feb
This year Nick turned 40. He had several late nights that month one was at a Hot Chip gig in Nottingham and the next one was in a field close to a toilet. What was the name of the village close by.
Answer : Le Poty
Answer Location - Nicks Daring Deed "Fontainbleau Dispatch"

Pete - March
One of the team’s high altitude adventure was delayed by an unusual type of train… but what was it?
Answer : Horsetrain
Answer Location : Paul Errington Daring Deed "Yak Attack.. stages 3,4,5.. Catching up"

Kenny - April
In April we proved we were nobodies fool by introducing a new budget priced down jacket. What was this jacket called?
Answer : Numpty Jacket
Answer Location : Alpkit News April 1st - Link to Spoof Website

Col - May
This year one of the Teams holiday erupted into a contrived and rather long journey home. Where were they traveling from?
Answer : Allbraccin
Answer Location - Dans Daring Deed "Albarracin and ash clouds"

Jim - June
A crack team from Alpkit went round in circles as day turned to night and night turned to day. There was one Paul who preferred it a bit sketchier, which one?
Answer : Paul P
Answer Location - Spotlight Feature "Mountain Mayhem"

Kenny - July
Our summer activity peaked to provide Cliff with the perfect evening party vibes.
Answer. The Big Shake Out
Answer Location - Facebook, Alpkit News, Alpkit June, July, August Newsletter

Col - August
This year we sponsored a world record breaker. How far did he travel to break the record?
Answer : 18225.7miles
Answer Location : Facebook, Alpkit News, Vin Cox Daring Deed. Link to Vin's site for exact milage

Nick - September
What is the weight of the product we launched in September.
Answer : 468grams (Numo)
Answer Location : Alpkit September Newsletter, Alpkit Expresso Newsletter, Alpkit News

Pete - October
Nothing polarises the Alpkit team quite like hot beverages; sport wise we’re all pretty easy, we all dabble with climbing, paddling, biking, any excuse to get out there, but offer us a brew and the team are split! Tea or coffee, the eternal debate… there are strong feelings and arguments on both sides, but what brand of tea is favoured by french mixed climbers that we agreed to support in October?
Answer : Yogi Tea
Answer Location : Figfour Facebook Group or Unplugged DryIce Pages - Link to French Drytooling Series. Yogitea sponsors logo on website & poster.

Jim - November
According to TGO how much more down does our Filet gillet have compared to the RAB Microlight Vest.
Answer : 125grams
Answer : Colab Labnotes. "Filet Review"

Nick - December
If the Old man of Hoy was July and Powerplant was August who was Careless in December.
Answer : Ben Bransby
Answer Location : Climbing 2011 Calandar Product Page

Bonus Question
Answer : SK168758
A tricky one this and you'll have needed to look at Nicks Daring Deed "Ballooning Over The Peak District" and an entry on the Alpkit Facebook Group to gain all the clues necessary. You then need a map of the Peak District of Bakewell and the surrounding hills. If you didn't have one to hand you could use google, Multimap or OS Get a Map and use the on screen maps to help you. The main clue is a trig point at Wardlow Hay which the balloon flew over. The photo of the farmers making hay bails can be transposed onto a map to find its location and a line drawn between the 2 points. The first field south of A623 that the line tracks through should be at SK168758. As an extra clue the track running through the field is shown on the photos of the balloon flight.

How the questions will work

Here is an example question for the month of September, its answer and our mode of thinking.
Q. A Bearded Man enjoyed perfect weather racing through the Alps. What was his final position?
A. 16. (Yes answers can include numbers as well!)

So how did we find that out? Well, the question was related to September so we first checked out our Daring Deeds section. From here we found out that David Warren aka. Bearded Man rode for Alpkit in the Transprovence. It was now a simple matter to navigate their site to find out if Dave was just there to take in the view or race!

    How to play
  • 1. Download and print the pdf crossword.
  • 2. A new clue will appear on the right hand side of this page each day.
  • 3. Use our website to help you find the correct answer. Those who know Alpkit inside out obviously will not need to do this!
  • 4. Submit your answer using the form under the clue. Make sure to use the same contact details each day.
  • 5. Grab a pen and fill in your crossword with the same answer.
  • 6. If your answer was correct it will have been entered into the final prize draw. Safe.
  • 7. If you play for all 12 days and submit 12 correct answers you will have 12 entries in the draw - you can't do better than that..
  • 8. ..except if you are subscribed to our newsletter which included a bonus clue. If you get this correct and submit it on day 13 we will double the number of correct entries you have in the draw thus increasing your chance of being drawn and winning the first Alpkit tent.
  • Play as many days as you can.
  • Don't fret if you missed the bonus question in our December newsletter. You can still sign up during the month. Just follow the step by step instructions and the question will appear on the confirmation screen. You will be able to submit this bonus answer on day 13 (17th December).
  • You do not have to play each day, but the more answers you get correct the more entries you will have in our prize draw.
  • Read text, look at pictures, follow links to external partners to help you get the correct answers.

About the prize

Many of you will have seen or heard references to a range of Alpkit tents over the past couple of years. The products guys are busy final prototyping and choosing colours with the aim of launching them in summer 2011. Should you win our Christmas Competition you'll be the first person in the world, outside Alpkit, to get their hands on an Alpkit Tent. We're not talking about just any old tents here either, our new tent range will be made from the best fabrics, branded poles, more than acceptable pack weights, cleverly thought out features and unique styling! If you want to know more about our tents check out Jims sneak preview.

The model we are offering up as the competition prize is our largest model from the range of 3 mountain tents. Currently under with working title of the "Hex" it will sleep 6 in comfort and with plenty of internal height all but giants can stand up inside. Three large vestibule doors allow for versatile access as well as plenty of storage space. Storage inside the tent is taken care of via a multitude of pockets and hanging tabs. This really is a unique tent as much at home at the base of a 8000m peak as a beach campsite in Wales.

Sponsored by Alpkit tents

The rules
    Terms and Conditions
  • The prize is an Alpkit tent.
  • You can enter only once each day and we will take your first answer. To ensure there are no duplicate entries we ask you for your email address, phone number and postcode. This will also help us notify you if you win.
  • There will be a new clue each day (not including weekends) from the 1st December up to and including the 17th December, that is 12 clues in total plus the bonus clue.
  • The first clue will be in our December newsletter which will hit your mailbox by, or on the morning of the 1st Dec.
  • Each time you get a correct answer your name will go in the draw.
  • Once the competition has ended we will draw a winner at random from all the correct answers.
  • The more correct answers you get correct the greater your chance of winning as you will have a greater probability of being drawn.
  • The prize will be shipped free of charge in the UK but international winners wil have to pay postage via a courier service.
  • We’ll deliver the tent as soon as we get the final prototypes in early 2011.
  • The competition is not open to Alpkit employees, family and especially not Alpkit sponsored athletes.
Date: 15, Nov, 2010

Sorry this competition is now closed.


Many thanks to everyone who played our Christmas competition this year. Drawing a winner is always an exciting time and so once again we crossed the yard to Snack Attack to ask for Tracy’s assistance.  Tracy didn’t have her Christmas hat this year, but she was more than happy to dish up a serving of Christmas cheer for someone. First out of the bag was Louise S from Southport, we will be getting in touch with her shortly, but for the rest of you we have updated the comp page with the answers. Merry Christmas from us all.