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Kenny says - “Oh wow, the factory has been busy.. 50 litre kitbags available in new colours”

Christmas Comp - Christmas Wrap

The official prize draw ceremony. The winner has now been contacted and accepted his prize!! A massive thanks to everyone who played along this year, we had over 6000 entries over the 19 days so it is going to be difficult to beat this next year. Merry Christmas everyone.
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We love to wrap and we have wrapped so much stuff that we thought it would be fun if you tried to guess some of the things that we have wrapped. Some of the gift wrapped objects are straight out of our own warehouse, others were a little bit more ambitious in scale and audacious in execution. We are sure that you are going to have a festive ball trying to work out what we have wrapped, but just to make sure you are engaged to the maximum we are also giving away a Genesis iO mountain bike straight from their 2010 range.

Introducing this years grand prize

Look, the iO is a single speed bike, huh? that’s right it has just one gear… no untidy cables, no gear shifters, no complicated math to optimise your ratios when bearing down on a steep hill.

It’s a simple way of enjoying the trails… hassle free riding.
Paul Errington - Team Genesis and Alpkit rider

The iO is a special bike, but the Alpkit/Genesis iO bike is one of a kind. Jim has lovingly pimped it up with some extra shiny bits and Alpkit graphics. So let us wrap it up there, if you want to simplify your riding experience and join the One Geared Generation.. this is your chance.

STOP PRESS: The prize has just got bigger!

As if the Genesis iO was not a big enough draw by itself the winner will also receive:

1hr Skills session at Coed Llandegla North Wales

a href=“http://www.oneplanetadventure.com”>Based in the new Skills Area and Pump track in Coed Llandegla Trail Centre in North Wales the guys and gals at Oneplanet Adventure will soon have you whizzing about on your bike with a new found ‘skill set’ and confidence after this 1hr 1-2-1 Skills Session. First they will have a chat with you to discuss what you need to work on and then take a look at you’re riding and start to build it up in logical, progressive stages. With all the features in the skills area like corners, berms, drop offs and jumps and the Pump Track to use the team will be able to help you develop you’re skills no matter what style of riding you’re in too. Using video feedback they will fine tune your style to let you get the most from your bike and the trail.

1 yrs subscription to SingleTrack magazine

Alpkit Nick seems to have an uncanny knack of knowing when our copy of Singletrack is due to come through the door, and it is tucked away in his desk drawer well before it has had a chance to be passed around the office. You might choose to get your copy sent to home, along with a Singletrack jersey and an exclusive hip flask.

Get pimped by Superstar components

Superstar Components will pimp the iO out with a bling gold headset, bottom bracket, pedals and quick release skewers. Superstar are known for their brake pads, so they will throw a few sets of these in to keep you safe on the trails. For those of you who have never heard of Superstar we recommend you check out their site, they buy parts direct from factories around the world and retail them direct to avoid additional costs to the customer.

How to play

1. Download and print the pdf crossword.
2. The picture clue in the top right of this page will change each day and relates to one of the clues in the crossword.
3. Use a combination of the picture clue and the crossword clue to work out the wrapped object.
4. Submit your answer using the form under the picture clue.
5. Grab a pen and fill in your crossword with the same answer, the letters in those greyed out boxes will become important on day 19.
6. If your answer is correct you will get one entry into the prize draw. Safe.
7. If you play for all 18 days and submit 18 correct answers you will have 18 entries in the draw - you can’t do better than that..
8. ..except if you come back on the 19th day we will publish a bonus clue. If you get this correct we will double however many correct entries you have in the draw thus increasing your chance of being drawn and winning the customised Genesis bike.


Play as many days as you can, then even if you miss a few days you might be able to guess the blanks and get all the letters you need for the bonus clue.
You do not have to play each day, but the more answers you get correct the more entries you will have in our prize draw.
Use the picture clues to help you get the correct answers.
The are 3 picture only clues, if you miss these days it will make getting the bonus answer more difficult.. but not impossible.


And the final bonus conundrum was ‘Singlespeed’




You can find out more about the 2010 range on the Genesis website or by downloading their PDF catalogue

The rules
  • The prize is a Genesis iO bike
  • You can enter only once each day and we will take you first answer. To ensure there are no duplicate entries we ask you for your email address, phone number and postcode. This will also help us notify the winner.
  • There will be a new clue each day, that is 18 clues in total plus the bonus clue.
  • Each time you get a correct answer your name will go in the draw.
  • Once the competition has ended we will draw a winner at random from all the correct answers.
  • The more correct answers you get right the greater your chance of winning the Genesis iO bike as you will have a greater probability of being drawn.
  • The prize will be shipped free of charge in the UK but international winners wil have to pay postage via a courier service.
  • We’ll try and deliver the bike by the end of January as we want to make sure you get the right size.
  • The competition is not open to Alpkit employees, family and especially not Alpkit sponsored athletes.
Date: 01, Dec, 2009

Sorry this competition is now closed.


The winner is Dan from Leek. He has now been contacted and accepted his prize!! A massive thanks to everyone who played along this year, we had over 6000 entries over the 19 days so it is going to be difficult to beat this next year. Merry Christmas everyone. Open the competition page to see the official prize draw video.